Dear Friends of,

it's with great regret that closes its doors 
with regards to listing teleclasses.

Back in the day 2000 - 2006, teleclasses were in their hayday and as 
popular as it could get. With the demise of Thomas Leonard of 
and the installing of his replacement, teleclasses never regained their 
popularity or momentum like they once had.

The closure of Teleclass International around 2004 signaled the birth of 
PlanetTeleclass. We started out as a free service, blossomed into a paid service 
and then as teleclass advertising got replaced with Facebook, Twitter, 
Instagram and Google Plus, Planetteleclass went back to the free service.

But even with free class listings, the traffic has dwindled to nearly absent. 
Thus, the realization that teleclasses time has past and almost every coach is 
using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media venues to advertise 
their teleclasses.

It has been an interesting 10 years. We started out at the underdog, but then we 
beat out the giant and became the leader in our industry. But the 
writing was on the walls and the popularity of social media spelled out the 
demise of teleclasses and of

But we had an incredible time listing teleclasses, making friends and providing 
our industry with a presence. It's one thing to roll with the times, it's 
another to keep hanging on to something that is crumbling and should be retired. 
We'd like to think that PlanetTeleclass rolled with the times and did a 
fantastic job as we were rolling.

We will miss the upwards of 2500 registered teleleaders who over the years 
posted the most interesting classes on our site. We wish every coach, every 
teleleader and every speaker the very best in their business life and personal 
life as well.