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Marci Shimoff, is a PlanetTeleclass Teleleader. Listen to our interview with her about her NEW book 'Happy for no Reason'.

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Teleclasses Starting Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

planetteleclass lifetime teleleader            PREMIUM  TELECLASS
doris helgeHow to Transform a Painful Relationship into a Powerful Partnership. Conflicts with people in your personal or professional life? Create the loving, supportive relationships you deserve now!
Tuesday, 9-10 pm Eastern. No charge introductory class. Led by Doris Helge, Ph.D., Certified Master Coach & author of #1 Bestselling Books like "Transforming Pain Into Power" & "Joy on the Job." Dr. Doris has been interviewed on "The Today Show," NPR & CNN.
Difficult people? Difficult conversations? Do you have conflicts or communication challenges with your: coworkers?  mate?  date?
ex-partner?  in-laws?  other family members?  boss?  employees?
other difficult people?

Discover how to:
> create the respectful, supportive relationships you deserve.
> enjoy a personal and professional life packed with passion, power and

You'll depart from this cutting-edge class with the following life-changing benefits.
> Decide how to stop settling for less than you want and deserve.
> Understand the three magic keys for creating relationships that grow as
you change.
> Practice an easy new communication tool guaranteed to build trust,
respect and intimacy.
> Know how to grow from conflicts and struggles over behavioral styles, gender differences, work styles, finances, beliefs, communication patterns and every day differences of opinion.
> Realize how much you deserve to be loved, respected and admired for being 100% Your Authentic Self.
> Be self-assured, enthusiastic and energized about claiming powerful partnerships.

Take advantage of this special introductory offer.
Join award-winning, Certified Master Coach, Doris, Helge, Ph.D., author of #1 Bestsellers like "Transforming Pain Into Power" & "Joy on the Job." Doris has been interviewed on "The Today Show," CNN & NPR. Discover the keys to the rewarding personal and professional relationships you want now. Sign up for the teleclass by clicking the 'register' button below.
planetteleclass lifetime teleleader            PREMIUM  TELECLASS
Learn that the "E" Word (Exercise) Can Be Easy & Fun
Tuesday, July 29, 2014 from 3-4pm Eastern. Cost: no charge. Led by: Coach Stephanie Wood.
Discover the gap between you and exercise (and exactly how to bridge that gap so that you conquer the “e” word once and for all).

It’s time for “your body, your way”.

Together we’ll discover:

--How to befriend your body and achieve freedom from the "e" word
--How to naturally incorporate exercise into your pre-existing lifestyle

My classes are based on sharing, interaction AND practical information that you can implement IMMEDIATELY after the call is over.

--How to jump start your metabolism (in the morning, evening or anytime in between)

Sign up for the teleclass by clicking the 'register' button below.
planetteleclass lifetime teleleader            PREMIUM  TELECLASS
How To Create Business Processes to Make Your Time Count
Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 / 1pm EST, 10am Pacific cost: no charge Led by: Tracey Fieber, Business Expert.
Do You Have a Business Strategy?
Turn Your Vision into Reality!

You know who you want to reach, what you want to offer, and where you want to be in the future. Do you have someone on your team to implement once they’re trained?

Do you need help planning and executing the details? Bringing it into a detailed project plan that speaks to: the high level strategic team members and to the team members who will be implementing the plan?

Join us to learn…

How to be realistic in developing your plans, how to engage your employees in your strategic objective, & how to set concrete goals to achieve success

Wake up in your business. Stop being asleep. This planning process and strategy is why you WILL jump out of bed!

Sign up for the teleclass by clicking the 'register' button below.
planetteleclass lifetime teleleader            PREMIUM  TELECLASS
Millionaire Expert Secrets! 3 Little-Known Secrets That Could Be Worth A Fortune To Your Business!
Tuesday July 29, 2014 from 4:00 - 5:00 pm EST. Cost $8. Led by small business coach & breakthrough expert Judith Wentzel.
Are you ready to discover...
3 Little-Known Secrets That Could Be Worth A Fortune To Your Business!

We all know who the top producers are in our profession. In real estate, it’s those dynamic real estate agents who always manage to list and sell properties regardless of the economy while others continue to struggle or revert to taking a part time job in order to make ends meet.

Top producing coaches, speakers, and trainers deliver products, services and events while enjoying a steady stream of new clients and referrals - again regardless of the economy.

The point is every profession has it's top producers and this has been going on since the beginning of time. So, how do they do it? How do they manage to consistently gain new clients/customers and generate the income they desire in spite of the economy?

I used to wonder about this myself. That was before I stumbled upon the 'secret sauce' so to speak and I am ready to spill the beans.

I expect this event to fill up quickly so secure your spot now. If you are tired of struggling, just getting by and working your fingers to the bone, this is your chance to discover the actions you can take now to begin rapidly transforming your business, income and quality of life.

If you are ready to break the cycle.... If you would love to work less and earn more... Register now!

For just $8 you can finally have the key to skyrocketing your business and generating the income you desire.

Sign up for the teleclass by clicking the 'register' button below.

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